How to download specific search results


I wanted to filter out all the potential ferroelectrics from the MP database.
Hence, I searched for the dielectric materials that fall in the polar point groups, in the MP website.

This link gives the search results.

How do I export the properties like, space group, volume, a,b,c,alpha,beta,gamma,band gap, poly_electronic,poly_total and refractive index for each of these materials using the API? Possibly to an excel or csv file. Could someone guide me with a python code?

This question is about the same topic, however I can’t export the search results using the export button. Clicking ‘export’ yields 2 options csv and excel, but neither works. Has the export been disabled?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Achintha,

Looking at your search results, it looks like you could pass the following as the first argument to pymatgen’s MPRester.query, and then specify a list of properties as named in our documentation repository.

  "has": "diel",
  "spacegroup.symbol": {
    "$in": [


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Thanks Donny, this solution works! Although it would’ve been easier to export from the website, had the export button been enabled.