General Mongodb management question

I have installed atomate/fireworks on my cluster without problem and everything seems to work. I was hoping someone might enlightening me on some general aspects of Mongodb. I have setup a single Mongodb instance for storing my workflows and results, but I am confused about how I should maintain the database. All of the examples in the tutorials start out by doing a lpad reset on the database, but this would seem to be inadvisable if I want to keep my results up to now intact. What is a prudent way to manage the database. Should I make another database for going through the tutorials or simply delete tutorial entries when done? Is there some documentation/tutorials that I could be pointed in the direction of to learn more? I did start reading through the mongodb documentation itself, but it is too general to answer a question such as the above. Any advice?

Hi Paul,

In general, having separate databases for separate projects would be a good starting point.

Probably you want one single database for trying out various tutorials, and can “lpad reset” as needed on the tutorial databse.

Apart from the “tutorial database”, you certainly want to set up separate production databases for various projects (you can also combine all your projects into one database but that might get messy). If trying various commands on those production databases you should avoid using “lpad reset” in the beginning unless you really intend to destroy everything. Note that that command should spit out a warning and ask you to confirm if there are lots of entries in the database to avoid you accidentially overwriting a large production database.

Thank you for the advice. I am still taking baby steps with mongodb and fireworks, but I am making progress.