Dear Sir or madam

I am trying to run the simulation on the high performance computing (HPC) for a scaling tests. But I always got the error

“application called MPI_Abort(MPI_COMM_WORLD,1)- process 0”.

I used the same input script in my own Linux workstation with lmp_mpi and lmp_serial. They can work properly in my own PC.

But when I tried to run the simulation through the HPC, it seems that it cannot work.

We are using a modified LAMMPS version, I have downloaded it to my HOME directory and compiled it as suggested.

Is there any problems of those ?

Thanks a million for the help. Much depressed for that

Please find attached input as the reference

Best regards


ICL (2.68 KB)

Thornton_Lattice_7776_Spheres.lj (791 KB)

you just wasted a lot of bandwidth, since nobody can debug your input without having the modified source code, you could have reduced the memory required by your e-mail by 90% through compressing the data file, and you didn’t even send properly matching input and data file.

you have to ask the people for help where you got the modified source code from, or produce an input reproducing the same issue with an unmodified LAMMPS version.