How to convert tersoff potential unit from metal to real

Hello dear Lammps users
please i need your assistance and guidance
I am new in this field and I would like to know how to convert tersoff potential parameter unit from metal to real.
I have attached the input script where i converted the energy unit from ev to Kcal/mol, the time unit from ps to fs and the pressure unit from bars to atmosphere.
The problem is that i really don`t know how to proceed and complete the tersoff unit conversion from metal to real successfully. Really need your guidance.
best regards;
Maska (2.5 KB)

Why not run this simulation in metal units, and then convert your desired output quantities to real?

If you have a sufficiently recent LAMMPS version and your Tersoff potential file has a suitable tag indicating the units it requires, there is no need to convert it. You can just use real units and LAMMPS will convert it automatically when reading the parameters.

okay, thank you

Okay, thank you.