How to run LAMMPS on multiple processors using mpi (Windows 10) | Parallel run

I am simulating water using Lammps in Windows 10. I have 16 cores on my PC. I want to run the simulation by using all the cores. I have installed the ( LAMMPS-64bit-latest-MPI.exe) and then mpich2-1.4.1p1-win-x86-64.msi. However, the validation has not been successful for the ‘mpiexec -validate’ command. It will be highly appreciated if someone helps me to run lammps on multiple processors using mpi (windows 10).

There are three different things you can try:

For more information about the third option (which will soon be the only option), please read this post: LAMMPS Windows Installer Packages with support for MS-MPI - Testers needed

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Thank you for your help.