KIM-API v1.6.3 make add- error

Hi, everyone.

I tried to install KIM-API v1.6.3 to use Dipole_Umeno_YSZ__MO_394669891912_001 in Ubuntu 20.04.
In the installing process of ITEM 3 in the INSTALL manual, I failed to download a Model Driver with ‘make add-‘ command. Similarly I failed to download a Model file.
Below are the error messages;

$ make add-EAM_Dynamo__MD_120291908751_001
Creating… KIM_Config file… src/Makefile.KIM_Config.
Creating… KIM_Config file… src/utils/Makefile.KIM_Config.
Creating… KIM_Config file… src/model_drivers/Makefile.KIM_Config.
Creating… KIM_Config file… src/models/Makefile.KIM_Config.
Creating… KIM_Config file… examples/Makefile.KIM_Config.
Creating… KIM_Config file… examples/models/Makefile.KIM_Config.
Creating… KIM_Config file… examples/model_drivers/Makefile.KIM_Config.
Creating… KIM_Config_Helper file… examples/openkim_tests/Makefile.KIM_Config_Helper.
Creating… KIM_Config_Helper file… examples/simulators/Makefile.KIM_Config_Helper.

  • adding… EAM_Dynamo__MD_120291908751_001 … to /home/phys/kim-api-v1.6.3/src/model_drivers
    Unable to download EAM_Dynamo__MD_120291908751_001 from Check the KIM Item ID for errors.
    make: *** [Makefile:194: add-EAM_Dynamo__MD_120291908751_001] Error 1

Searching this forum, I found an topic with similar situation(error -- add-<Extended KIM ID>). I wonder whether my problem is related to some bugs like this topic, or my wrong operation. I am new to linux, so I might have done something inappropriate in the process(I could install KIM-API v1.9.5 and 2.1.3 with the same PC).
Could anyone give some advices on what I should do to get over the problem?

Thank you for reading this.

Hello Shu1,

Thanks for your message.

The website has evolved since the release of kim-api-v1.6.3 and is no longer fully compatible with that release. Therefore, you will need to do some manual steps to get around these issues.

In particular, the make add-* mechanism will no longer work. Instead, you will need to manually download the tarball from for the items you want and unpack them into the src/model_drivers and src_models directories. Once this is done the make command should build them as expected.


Hello Ryan.

I appreciate your reply and helpful advices.
I will try that manual steps.
Thank you.