Overlapping of self-propelled disks with static disks

Hello sir,
I have a system of repulsion(pair style harmonic) two-dimensional disks of two types… one type is static as substrate and the second is self-propelled. ( Code is attached below)
During the run time some self-propelled disk’s interaction with the static disks overlaps but for self-propelled disks, interaction is not overlap.
I read literature if the potential of interaction disk is greater, then this happened. I tried it
but the result is the same.
I changed the time step, cut-off distance also but the results are the same.
could you guide me about this issue?
n.lammps (997 Bytes)

There are two issues worth noting here:

  • since you are not using a pair style that considers the particle diameter when computing forces and does not compute a torque, changing the diameter has no impact on the simulation. You probably don’t want to use the harmonic/cut pair style, which computes interactions between point particles, but rather use one of the granular pair styles.
  • with respect to pair style harmonic/cut please also note the discussion here Recently added pair_style harmonic/cut seems to be wrong
    so you probably want to wait until the next LAMMPS patch release is available before using it for proper simulations.

Ok, Thank you, sir
The potential used in this reference (Physical Review E 86, 061310(2012)) is considered effective in different papers for diameter changing…
It could be considered in lammps code next…

Feel free to implement it, test it, document it, and submit a pull request then.
That is how LAMMPS usually acquires new features.