Plotting lm-resolved PDOS

I have calculated the lm-resolved PDOS for the GaAs systems. For further analysis, I would like to plot the data for specific l and m. How should I extract specific l and m results from the data? I have checked the tutorial, but the script only covers the total DOS. Could you please share some information on how the file is saved, e.g., the order of l and m indices in the file? If there is an example/script to generate a PDOS plot, it would be kind of you to point me to that post. Thank you.

When you run a lm-resolved DOS many files are produced. Among them TDOS.OUT includes the total DOS, IDOS.OUT the interstitial DOS and for each atom and species will be generated a file named PDOS_S0*_A000*.OUT, where the stars are the number of the species and the atom, in the same order in which they are given in input.xml. Inside the files PDOS_S0*_A000*.OUT, the lm-resolved DOS are written one after the other. The first block it is for l=0 and m=0, the second block is for l=1 and m=-1 and the third l=1 and m=0 and like this until the end. In addition to these files also dos.xml will be written. This is written in xml format. In this file the information about atom, species, l and m (also spin if needed) are explicitly given. I hope this explanation will be useful.