Windows MSMPI LAMMPS version 28 March 2023

Dear developers
I am installing Windows lammps with MSMPI l(version 28 March 2023) from LAMMPS Windows Testing Binaries Repository: ./lammps-testing
VSCGC plugin is no more present. Is it normal ?
There 2 other files (new compared to 11/2022 version) ready for download for which I do not know what is their use (I do not find a post related to them)
Thanks a lot for your help.

Yes, fix sgcmc has been cleaned up and integrated into the LAMMPS distribution as part of the MC package, so there is no more need for the plugin package.

Just ignore those. They are part of the automated build scripts that I use to build the packages. The admin packages change to admin mode to install LAMMPS for all users (was required for very old Windows versions). The msix packages are for creating LAMMPS packages for the Microsoft Store. Both are in the process of becoming obsolete, see Planned Changes to LAMMPS Windows Installer Packages

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