Local Oasis stuck "Waiting for results"

Can the processing get stuck in this state and, if so, how can I cancel this task and either not upload or re-upload?

Thanks for the help! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, if something goes really wrong, everything can happen. There are a few CLI functions you can use. You need to execute them from one of the Oasis containers, e.g. with something like this:

docker exec -ti nomad_oasis_app bash

Then you have a few nomad commands to manipulate uploads. You can “reset” uploads, i.e. put back their processing state:

nomad admin uploads reset --with-entries -- <upload_id>

After this, you should be able to delete them in the UI again.

You can also ls, delete, or process them again (you might need to reset them first though):

nomad admin uploads ls --processing
nomad admin uploads rm -- <upload_id> <upload_id>
nomad admin uploads process -- <upload_id>

See also this bit on the documentation: Operating an OASIS - Documentation.

Let us know, if there are more problems with that.

Perfect - this works really well!! (I now prefer it over the web interface :smiley: )

One followup: I do have now this message when publishing (on our internal Oasis):

What/where would I look? I realize the logs may have the info, but they are so massive, that I am not sure where to look or what to look for…


The unpublished uploads are stored in .volumes/fs/staging/<prefix>/<upload_id>, the published uploads are stored in .volumes/fs/public/<prefix>/<upload_id>. When publishing a temporary file .frozen is created in the staging folder and the system starts to populate the respective public folder. The error message is about the .frozen file. I guess a previous attempt to publish, failed somehow.

You should remove the unfinished public folder and the .frozen file. Then you can reset the processing:

nomad admin uploads reset --success -- <upload_id>

and try to publish again.

If this fails again, please send the latest logs from the nomad_oasis_worker container. The last couple thousand lines should be fine:

docker logs -n 2000 nomad_oasis_worker

Let’s see if we can fix this.

Perfect - this solved the problem!!

My last question (for now :slight_smile: ):

I am running processing of an upload in a terminal, using the command you gave above:

nomad admin uploads process

But it is “stuck” in:

1 uploads selected, processing ...

For a while now (3 days). Any suggestions for that? Would nomad_oasis_worker log output help with that, too?

Yes, the logs will help. I assume it is running into a problem, where it is unable to report an error or problem. With the logs, let us also know, which version (e.g. image tag) you are using.